EMM Network

What is EMM Network and who is Grelan A. Muse? EMM Network is covered by Emanuel and The Mainline Ministries Inc., a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Baton Rouge, La., which was founded by Grelan A. Muse in 1998. Grelan A. Muse is a Louisiana Native charged by God to return our churches to the standards of Christ’s Church. Through EMM he is committed to strengthening the whole body through training programs within the church which will effectively train lay members as well as leadership within the church. In meeting the psychological, physical, spiritual and financial needs of God’s people EMM is honing a strong crop of individuals who are devoted and focused on building God’s Kingdom.

Since its creation, EMM has participated in several community projects in the Baton Rouge area. In 2009, Inside The Pew, an online magazine that highlights individuals and organizations that work daily to improve the well-being of others, was created.

Our mission is to be a diverse people who are growing as prayer-based, bible-shaped, worship-energized and mutually caring followers of Christ, who will be Change Agents for God’s Kingdom in all cities around the world. It is our prayer that you will play a part in this journey. With Holy Spirit as our guide we will be able to deliver His Word to the nations and save souls!